Sunday, October 5, 2008

Maybe next century.....

Let's go Dodgers let's go........

I know it seems crazy that we brought Kalia to a game 3 playoff game. I didn't think I could leave her when earlier that week we went to the stadium to try and get tickets and couldn't get into the stadium, she cried for about 20 minutes straight "dodger game mommy, I want to go dodger game" the whole time crying big crocodile tears. Although I think I will leave her home next time she was pretty good and we had a good time.

Poor Cubs...... just got swept by the Dodgers who they thought they would sweep. It reminds me of the 1998 Western Conference Finals when the Jazz were playing the Lakers. Lakers fans were stoked because they thought they would sweep us, I remember seeing the brooms on the news, a few Kobe air balls later and the Jazz swept the Lakers. Of course the Jazz went on to lose in 6 so I feel for the Cubs fans and they have been doing this forever. 100 years... wow. At the game people said "maybe next century" and chanted "sweep, sweep, sweep" every chance they got. Glad we swept the Cubs but I saw a little bit of myself as a Jazz fan. Deflated, hopeless and knew in their hearts that they were done. It's a weird feeling being on the other side, being a fan of an organization with money, confidence and hope. That being said, I love the Dodgers and the game was amazing. After the game we stayed and celebrated a little and I got a picture of Manny dumping champagne on some lady. We're going to the World Series, see ya then......

PS things that bugged at the game, Cubs fans (even though I felt for them, they were still annoying), people leaving early (someone left in the forth inning!), people with no Dodger gear on (come on it's the playoffs!)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hole in the wall........

Our life unfortunately revolves around the TV, too much, but I don't think we are changing that fact anytime soon. TV has been bleak lately, granted there have been a few new shows and a few old ones have come back but most of them are waiting to make their debut next week and some in "early 2009." Lots of nerve if you ask me. First you cut our season short then you come back late September?? I think I will be telling my children, we used to have these shows called sitcoms and dramas. They don't do them anymore because they are too expensive and they take too long, that's why there are 12 versions of Big Brother on instead. Anyway, Thursday is usually our best night there is so much on and managing the DVR has almost become a refined skill in our family. Not today, there was NOTHING on. I saw this show Hole in the Wall. It's a game show where, you guessed it, if you don't contort your body to fill a hole in the wall you fall into water. Yes, it is as lame as is sounds. I taped it to show Jono how lame it was. He did not agree, he actually liked it. He watched the whole thing, even made comments about how difficult particular holes are. Is this the programming I have to look forward to? Have we been dished out so much lame TV that a show like this seems watchable. I know what some of you are thinking...... turn the TV off....... read a book........ do something constructive. I wish these were options but since these require more than slight consciousness we are going to politely pass. We can't just change a life long habit because of a few bad months. So we are going to hang in there with the TV and hope that our shows come back without rerunning every other week and maybe just maybe we can find some new, at least halfway decent shows. Any suggestions, we are not asking for a lot maybe just a little more than a hole in the wall to keep us entertained.

PS shame on you if read my title and interpreted it like a 14 year old boy would.

PPS Sorry the pic is not great, shockingly there is not a whole lot out there on this fabulous new game show.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let's go Dodgers let's go.........

Kalia is becoming a huge Dodger fan. Usually in the mornings Kalia either sings, cries or says "Mommy, Mommy" until I come and get her. Recently she has been saying, "let's go Dodgers let's go, ch ch ch." She gets so excited to go to Dodger games and point out how many Dodger shirts she sees, including her own. (thanks Gay, I'll give it back one day, I promise). And yes those are Manny dreads she's wearing, I should have got a picture of Jono wearing them.

Her other favorite hobby, like most kids, is coloring. We all know she colors her toes but she decided why stop there. Apparently, while Jono was taking care of her, she colored herself all over. He gave her a bath, two seconds later she colored on herself again but worse. Frustrated he just put her in bed, when I got her up in the morning she said, "buggy color self mommy." She sure did. It was way worse than the picture and she stills has some on her.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I don't know how well you can see Kalia's feet but they are a little bit painted, but if you take a closer look they are not painted but markered. So that's weird. There was actually more marker but she just took a bath. I tried to figure out how that happened. Who would put marker on Kalia's toenails and not very well I might add. I knew it wasn't Kalia. I've seen her "draw", really it's more like angry scribbling. She can barely stay on the page, let alone stay on her toenails? Well the mystery was solved, I caught her doing it to herself today. I can't believe she was able to do that good of a job. I mean she is not getting at job at the nail salon or anything but there are times where it looks better than my toes which isn't saying much but still impressive. And where did she learn that? What a good idea, I'm going to start fixing my old toes with marker, maybe she will start a revolution.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My pictures are lame....

My family came to town and I got no good pictures, there are a few decent ones. I know, we went to Sea World where the animals seem almost magical and we have a picture of a turtle, but a 9 year took that picture so there's an excuse for that one. We went to the beach, Sea World and the Dodger game. I had a REALLY good, fun and relaxing time. Highlights of the trip:

1- Seeing Shamu - if I thought that Jono would not be making fun of me for the rest of my life I totally would have let the tears flow.

2- Having my mom potty train Kalia, well not quite but she sat on the toilet which she wouldn't even go near unless it was to stick her hand in it and say "yucky."

3- Having my mom volunteer to change her dirty diaper.

4- Having people, esp. Syd who she has confused with Jerry Seinfeld, playing with Kalia so that I don't have to feel guilty for not playing with her myself.

5- Kalia said "ball pease" to one of Washington Nationals players during batting practice and he could not refuse and he gave her the ball. Then she got it signed by former Dodger Odalis Perez. By the way, when I told Jono he said, really? He sucks.

It was a fun trip and my pictures are not bien so I guess I won't be entering them in any contests.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

AI is back.....

Brooke performed at the Staples center, amazing. She did three songs and was amazing as usual. It was such a fun night. Jono had been sitting all day and two of his brothers are here McKay and Tanner, so he was a bit out-of-control. He was singing, dancing and making little comments. The other funny thing was how I had to convince Mckay and Tanner to go because they are both so cheap and don't like parting with their money unless it is for food or food. As soon as they got their first picture they were out of control. By the end of the night they had pictures with almost everyone from the top ten and Paula Abdul. They had to push their way through a fair amount of 12 year old girls to meet Archuleta but it was well worth it to them. The Paula pics are on their way so please hold your breath......

And here they are........

Monday, June 30, 2008

Last minute trip to Utah and my nerdy husband.....

I ended up going to Utah this last week at the last minute. One of my best friends moved to Utah from Hawaii and had her car shipped to Cali and I ended up driving it to Utah then flying home. Thank goodness Kady came with me! What a saint! The car ride was a little crazy but not too bad considering we had 3 kids under the age of 2 plus Cal. Jono kept himself busy with some serious guy time and I made sure to make fun of him for all of it. Kalia had so much fun with her grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousin.

She loved the piano and when she played it almost sounded like music as opposed to angry banging. My brother Scott took these two pictures, too cute.

My cute friend Amanda, she is so fun I wish she would live here but Utah is at least closer than Hawaii. Super lame, she has a 10 month old little girl who loved Kalia and Kalia loved her but sorry no pics because we are lame.

When I get home our DVR if filled up with crap and one of the shows is "the bachelorette" sorry to those of you that love this show but it is a little bit on the lame side for me. Jono tells me " I can't believe that I haven't been watching this show." He says he wants to watch it with me but he needs my undivded attention so that he can give me the details on the people. I tried to give the show a chance, I figured that if Jono was that excited about it that maybe this was another TV gem that I have been missing out on. No, it's lame, sorry to anyone who loves it. I got up once to get the phone and then to do the dishes and he started getting a little bit bugged with me, tells me, "oh another interuption." The whole time we are watching he is making comments like "man one of these guys is really going to get his heart broken", "that's not her style she is a traditional southern girl". He recounted over and over that he can't believe that he didn't watch all seaon. Jono likes cheesy stuff sometimes, but this is ridiculous. I am chalking it up to the fact that we are in the summer time and TV has dried up and that he hasn't quite recovered from the strike this season. Hopefully this fall and or January (when shows are starting to come back) he will be back to his "normal" crap shows but at least with some standards.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I have sugar issues……

I was debating what to write about for my next blog. I always feel like I need a picture so I was going to take a picture of some cupcakes that I made for a shower. I made way too many and they did not turn out how I envisioned them (story of my life). To make matters worse I piled them up on top of each other and there was frosting everywhere, they did not look good. And to be honest they did not taste that good, even though the mix was from the box?? Anyway, ,they did not look good and I didn’t care because I figured that it would help me not to eat them. Not the case. I still ate plenty of mediocre cupcakes. I wish I had a picture but let’s just say I offered them to someone who eats whatever you put in front of them and they passed. But I am chalking that up to the fact that there were remnants of 3 day old “├ęclair cake” left in with the cupcakes which made it especially gross. By the way the ├ęclair cake was one of the best desserts I have ever had. I could never make it though because it would be my breakfast lunch and dinner until either A) the pan was gone or B) I was too sick to move. Anyway, getting back on track, where is the picture. I looked for my camera for 2 seconds and couldn’t find it and it finally got too gross for even me, I threw about 8 or so cupcakes away. If it wasn’t for calories and the occasional stomach rot I could eat cookies for breakfast, chocolate cake for lunch and Moose Tracks for dinner.

PS I also was lucky enough to have another visit from Britney who was surprised with airline tickets from her husband Cameron to go to Cali for her b-day. I was going to put all the cute stuff her husband did to tell her about the trip but I don't want wives to get mad at their hubsands for not doing cute and thoughtful stuff like that anymore. We had a really good time and Kalia is obsessed with Dylan. She followed him around and said everything he said and did everything that he did. She has even been calling her binky a "sassy" then giving a sly smile afterwards. Sassy is of course what Dylan calls it, too cute.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Welcome to Atlanta.....

Over memorial weekend we went to Geogria to visit our friends the Mounts who live 40 minutes out of Atlanta. We had such a good time, Jono is always funnier when Cameron is around. We played alot of games, thanks to Cameron for being willing, played some Dr Mario, went to a Braves game, went to a little water park, ate some crazy food but mostly laughed at stuff that I don't know if anyone else would think was funny. We had such a good time and the kids got along great. Bonus, she just had a 6 week old baby girl who is beautiful who I loved holding and for the first time thought I could do this again. Normally, I think "oh he or she is cute but I'm glad it's not me." PS Britney is getting the shaft because I look weird in the picture of us, sorry Brit.

How awesome is this picture that Britney took of Kalia and Jono, one of my favorites of all time.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Everyone needs a break.....

So Kalia has been spending some of her nights catching up on some reading. Kalia has been going in the backyard and reading by herself, I guess she is a little bit sick of us. The other day she was out there when it was time to eat. I tried to call her in and Jono stopped me and said "let's enjoy our dinner for once" so yes I left Kalia outside reading while Jono and I ate until our hearts were content.

Also, I had this genius mother's day gift idea of a cute picture of Kalia holding a sign that says Happy Mother's day. I got the blanket out and got ready to shoot some adorable shots. Of course that is not how it turned out. She wouldn't hold the sign so I decided to safety pin it to her, that still didn't work out. She wouldn't turn and smile for even a second. She did however pick up a clump of dirt and a stick and give me a a good dead pan look, such the little girl. I of course got so frustrated and was not exhibiting great mom qualities pretty ironic since I was trying to get a mother's day present ready.

I'm sure everyone will be relieved to know that the day was not lost I did get this cute picture below and for the record I actually love the above picture it's more realistic.

Love my baby girl...............

PS do you think I used ironic correctly in the post? Ever since everyone says the stuff in the ironic song isn't really ironic I feel like I don't know what it means anymore.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Congrats to Brooke!! & The best day of Jono's life.....

Two posts in one....... I saw this and it made me laugh so I thought I'd post it. It combines our love for saved by the bell and our love for Brooke! One last post to congratulate Brooke for everything that she accomplished. She made the TOP 5 on American Idol, the biggest show on TV right now, amazing. She worked so hard and did such an amazing job, we are so proud of her. She even got a call from one of her idols Carly Simon who said that Brooke did a better job with "you're so vain" than she did. What an amazing compliment! That is like Snoop calling up Jono and telling him that he wishes he could flow like he does. Or Bono calling me and telling me he wishes he could do as much as I am doing for charity. Which would be really amazing since I am not doing any charity work right now. Brooke is such a talented artist and we can't wait to see where her music career goes. Congrats Brooke!!

PS Jono loved Zack Morris, he tried to do his hair like him everyday. My guess is that it didn't turn out so well considering Jono's hair is curly and Zack's is not, wish I could have witnessed that.

And now the best day of Jono's life........

Was it the day he met me? Maybe the day he graduated from College? The day we got married? No... well it has to be the day Kalia was born, wrong again..... It was 5/1/08 the day that Brooke dropped his name, comparing him to Spencer on the Hills, on the Ryan Seacrest show. Click on the link below and click on the picture with just Brooke and you can see what she said....... Jono is looking to use it to start his own IMDB account (note: will only be funny if you know what IMDB is)

Finally, although we have overdone idol on here Jono is insisting on posting his other pictures with what he calls his associates, so here we go:

PS I do have a life besides Idol I have some cute pics and a cute video of Bug that I am working on so I will slowly try to get back to the point of me having a blog.....

Friday, April 25, 2008

Jono's Date

So one fo Jono's dreams came true, he got to meet Syesha from American Idol. I gave him the go ahead to make his move but shockingly all he did was make a little bit of lame small talk with her, who would have guessed it? He also didn't want me in the picture with him and Brooke whatever that's about? Such a glamorous life we lead all thanks to Brooke.....

Monday, April 7, 2008

Half Marathon.......

So I decided that it would be fun to run 13.2 miles so I signed up for a half marathon. I know that sounds crazy especially from someone who doesn't like to run but it actually went pretty well. The race was on Saturday and was kind of a beast. It was mostly trail, mostly hills and some of it was just straight up hiking but it was good. I didn't break any records but I finished and "ran" for most of it. I say ran but most people would probably put my pace a little bit higher than a slight jog, but I felt like I was running. I felt pretty good until about the 11th mile and it starting hurting a little bit but I pushed through. It felt really good, I was really happy I did it. Also I ran it "with" Rachel. I say "with" because Rachel and I ran together for about a mile of it. She smoked me, I think she did it in 2 hours and 15 minutes and I did it in 2 hours and 40 minutes. I'm okay with that, I just wanted to finish it and not pass out like ezzy from the Gauntlet (hopefully most of you have no idea what I am talking about). I was sore and I still am a little, but for the most part I am back to normal. I had a good time and I would do it again.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Once again American Idol........

Sorry once again my post is about American Idol, but this last experience deserves mentioning. I got to go see a results show and the experience was amazing. It was so much more than I thought it would be. I got to go to the show, sit right by the judges and was able to go to the after party and meet all of the contestants. And I got to go with Kady! It was an awesome experience and I feel very lucky. Here are a few pics. It was so good to see Brooke; she is doing well and is SO grateful for all of the support she is receiving. One highlight is that Dave has quite the fan club himself and has girls wanting to take pictures with him; I included one of those as well.

Dave and his fan club.....


Saturday, March 8, 2008

12 reasons to VOTE for Brooke!!!!

Congrats to Brooke who made the TOP 12 on American Idol!! This is such a huge accomplishment and we are so proud of her. So just in case anyone needs more reasons to vote for Brooke here are 12 of them.

1) Her awesome voice. She has such a cool and unique voice and it is so nice to see some variety on American Idol this year.
2) She writes music! Who writes their own music these days, well Brooke does. She is a very talented writer and has written some great songs.
3) She knows who she is as a singer. She knows what suits her and fits her unique voice and runs with it.
4) She knows who she is as a person. She sticks by what she believes in but doesn’t bang people over the head with it.
5) She plays instruments, she plays the piano and the guitar and even the harmonica.
6) She plays most of the time by ear! It is so fun to watch her hear a song and then figure it out on the piano. She has had some piano and guitar lessons but she has an amazing ability to hear something then translate it into music very quickly.
7) Her stage presence. When she is singing on stage she looks like she belongs there, like she was born to do it.
8) Her hunky husband (as quoted by the LA times). Dave is such a great guy too, he is her biggest fan and does so much to support her.
9) She is a great role model.
10) She is one of the nicest people you have ever met. She would always do whatever she could to help others.
11) She is a great friend. She has helped do so many things from trying to help me figure out why I feel crazy to spending 4 hours painting my bathroom with me.
12) She is talented, humble, gracious, kind, thoughtful and an all around wonderful person and that is shinning though beautifully.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The most famous arm on TV

So I guess I don't have a lot going on in my life because Brooke being on American Idol has now been the subject of my last two posts. So part of my arm was on TV last week. I got to go to American Idol last week! It was the results show so it was a different kind of show but still a very cool experience. You could see part of my arm when they shoved the camera in Alexandrea parents faces so Jono quickly called me and said "hi the most most arm in television, nerd. Luckily for both Brooke and I she was safe because otherwise I would have had to awkwardly dance up by the couches next to Dave while Brooke sang her farewell song. It would have been a sad night for everyone involved. I debated on if I should should use that to plead with my family and friends to vote for Brooke to save me the embarrassment but I thought it might only tempt a few people not to vote and I could not risk that for Brooke. Not that it would have matted because according to the dial idol site Brooke did awesome last week in the voting.

Since this blog is supposed to be about me and I will post a cute picture McKay sent me of Kalia. PS keep voting for Brooke we have only began to see what a great talent she is. Also, her songs sound awesome on itunes, check them out.......

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vote for Brooke!!

I am sure that many of you know by now that Brooke is in the top 24 of American Idol!!! If you haven't seen her on the show yet, it's not too late. She is going to be performing on Wednesday on Fox at 8:00. She needs everyones votes so make sure and vote. You can vote an hour after the show as many times as you want but at 11:00 the phone lines are closed so vote early and vote often. Brooke we are so proud of you and we can't wait to see where this road takes you!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Kalia's new room!

About 1 month ago our friend Brooke painted Kalia's room to match her bedding. Of course it wasn't enough to just paint the room she helped me decorate it. She did an amazing job and it looks adorable. Pictures can't quite capture how cute and well done it is but it is a shame not to try. I meant to do this a long time ago but I have the hardest time keeping her room clean. She is not even in there that much but somehow it is always a mess. Thanks again Brooke!! (Jono said maybe one more exclamation point)

Sunday, January 6, 2008


So I am being harassed for not updating my blog, I don't think I am upsetting too many people based on the number of comments I get, maybe the shy peepers are upset, but I think that's it. So Jono and I were at a friends house and McKay was babysitting Kalia. Some of you may or may not know that McKay is Jono's younger brother and is staying with us for a little while. It started out as staying with us to study for a test but it has turned into him going Hollywood. He is an extra in soon to be critically acclaimed movies. The film he is working on right now is called 17. The movie has Zach Effron, Matthew Perry and some others I can't remember. Go ahead and IDMB it. Anyway, we came home and this is what she was wearing, a dress and some 0-3 month sweatpants that are thankfully too short, yes she is growing, one shoe and a silly look on her face. I could not stop laughing at McKay's choice in clothing. I asked him why he dressed her, usually uncles don't play dress up with their nieces, and apparently she had a "blowout". It was so bad that it was all over her clothes so he had to dress her. That is the 3rd poopy diaper he has changed since his arrival and frankly I am glad he changed her at all, considering that the first time she pooped her pants he debated sending her to bed like that since he had never changed a poopy diaper in his life. Needless to say McKay could use a little training on little girl fashion.

And ps just in case you can't tell McKay is cute so if you know of and nice , cute and single girls let me know..... We are hoping if we find a nice girl for him then maybe he will stick around to further his career as a part time model (FOTC reference)