Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Look familiar........

There is always a big debate over who the baby looks like. She has her mom's eyes but the dad's smile. I am afraid Kalia got my "look". This look may be familiar to some but not all. Jono especially has seen this look (almost daily) and in so many instances that I don't have time to list them. But for fun I will list other instances where giving this look is necessary.

Instances that have needed this look:

If I decide to be nice and let you go ahead of me in line at the store because you have two things and I have a bagillion, then to thank me you let your friend go ahead of you and then you both pay with checks.

If you freak out because our baby is in the plant section and you say that we are not being responsible parents because she could get salmonella poisoning.

If you follow me around the mall trying to get me to try your kiosk makeup up and you some how get me to sit down in your little chair and then talk so fast that I can't tell you I forgot my wallet then, tell me you are trying to sell me a tiny thing of makeup for the screaming bargain of $80 marked down from $150 and then when I finally squeeze in two words to let you know that I have $11 on me, then say "why didn't you tell me".

When I get "invented" in cities and knights (most of you won't know what that means and believe me you are better off not knowing.

Anyone who has seen this look from me, I apologize, because this look doesn't relay the message that I am happy with whatever is going on. My only hope is that I don't have food on my face and boogers hanging out my nose (like Kalia) when I give this look, I think it would take away from the seriousness that this look implies.