Monday, March 2, 2009

So Sorry.....

So sorry I have not been keeping my blog updated. I am going to do better because I sort of have my computer back. My laptop has been gone for 5 months!! I had one request in my absense so here are the requested pictures. I have a halloween pic, only 4 months late. Also, pictures of Sydney's visit who came in December. Also some Disneyland pictures. Jono and I went to Disneyland with Kalia on my birthday and had a really good time. Hopefully most of you know that you get in free on your birthday but what you may not know is if you are a so-cal resident then you can get a yearly pass for $134 AND if you go on your birthday they give you a $69 discount. So my yearly pass was ..... $65, can you believe it? I have already been back and almost cried on the way there because I felt like I was going for free. For the first time, I walked away from Disneyland feeling like I have ripped them off, it was a good feeling for everyone involved.

PS In case anyone doesn't know, I'm pregnant and I have less than 9 weeks left, not that I'm counting. We are most likely having a girl. I have had over 6 ultrasounds and everytime the legs are closed but they never " see anything hanging" so they are counting that as a probably a girl.

PPS If you are hoping for baby bump pictures you are barking up the wrong tree, pregnancy and I are not close friends so if you want to see cute prego pictures you will have to check my list of blogs, almost everyone I know is pregnant.