Friday, March 21, 2008

Once again American Idol........

Sorry once again my post is about American Idol, but this last experience deserves mentioning. I got to go see a results show and the experience was amazing. It was so much more than I thought it would be. I got to go to the show, sit right by the judges and was able to go to the after party and meet all of the contestants. And I got to go with Kady! It was an awesome experience and I feel very lucky. Here are a few pics. It was so good to see Brooke; she is doing well and is SO grateful for all of the support she is receiving. One highlight is that Dave has quite the fan club himself and has girls wanting to take pictures with him; I included one of those as well.

Dave and his fan club.....


Saturday, March 8, 2008

12 reasons to VOTE for Brooke!!!!

Congrats to Brooke who made the TOP 12 on American Idol!! This is such a huge accomplishment and we are so proud of her. So just in case anyone needs more reasons to vote for Brooke here are 12 of them.

1) Her awesome voice. She has such a cool and unique voice and it is so nice to see some variety on American Idol this year.
2) She writes music! Who writes their own music these days, well Brooke does. She is a very talented writer and has written some great songs.
3) She knows who she is as a singer. She knows what suits her and fits her unique voice and runs with it.
4) She knows who she is as a person. She sticks by what she believes in but doesn’t bang people over the head with it.
5) She plays instruments, she plays the piano and the guitar and even the harmonica.
6) She plays most of the time by ear! It is so fun to watch her hear a song and then figure it out on the piano. She has had some piano and guitar lessons but she has an amazing ability to hear something then translate it into music very quickly.
7) Her stage presence. When she is singing on stage she looks like she belongs there, like she was born to do it.
8) Her hunky husband (as quoted by the LA times). Dave is such a great guy too, he is her biggest fan and does so much to support her.
9) She is a great role model.
10) She is one of the nicest people you have ever met. She would always do whatever she could to help others.
11) She is a great friend. She has helped do so many things from trying to help me figure out why I feel crazy to spending 4 hours painting my bathroom with me.
12) She is talented, humble, gracious, kind, thoughtful and an all around wonderful person and that is shinning though beautifully.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The most famous arm on TV

So I guess I don't have a lot going on in my life because Brooke being on American Idol has now been the subject of my last two posts. So part of my arm was on TV last week. I got to go to American Idol last week! It was the results show so it was a different kind of show but still a very cool experience. You could see part of my arm when they shoved the camera in Alexandrea parents faces so Jono quickly called me and said "hi the most most arm in television, nerd. Luckily for both Brooke and I she was safe because otherwise I would have had to awkwardly dance up by the couches next to Dave while Brooke sang her farewell song. It would have been a sad night for everyone involved. I debated on if I should should use that to plead with my family and friends to vote for Brooke to save me the embarrassment but I thought it might only tempt a few people not to vote and I could not risk that for Brooke. Not that it would have matted because according to the dial idol site Brooke did awesome last week in the voting.

Since this blog is supposed to be about me and I will post a cute picture McKay sent me of Kalia. PS keep voting for Brooke we have only began to see what a great talent she is. Also, her songs sound awesome on itunes, check them out.......