Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hole in the wall........

Our life unfortunately revolves around the TV, too much, but I don't think we are changing that fact anytime soon. TV has been bleak lately, granted there have been a few new shows and a few old ones have come back but most of them are waiting to make their debut next week and some in "early 2009." Lots of nerve if you ask me. First you cut our season short then you come back late September?? I think I will be telling my children, we used to have these shows called sitcoms and dramas. They don't do them anymore because they are too expensive and they take too long, that's why there are 12 versions of Big Brother on instead. Anyway, Thursday is usually our best night there is so much on and managing the DVR has almost become a refined skill in our family. Not today, there was NOTHING on. I saw this show Hole in the Wall. It's a game show where, you guessed it, if you don't contort your body to fill a hole in the wall you fall into water. Yes, it is as lame as is sounds. I taped it to show Jono how lame it was. He did not agree, he actually liked it. He watched the whole thing, even made comments about how difficult particular holes are. Is this the programming I have to look forward to? Have we been dished out so much lame TV that a show like this seems watchable. I know what some of you are thinking...... turn the TV off....... read a book........ do something constructive. I wish these were options but since these require more than slight consciousness we are going to politely pass. We can't just change a life long habit because of a few bad months. So we are going to hang in there with the TV and hope that our shows come back without rerunning every other week and maybe just maybe we can find some new, at least halfway decent shows. Any suggestions, we are not asking for a lot maybe just a little more than a hole in the wall to keep us entertained.

PS shame on you if read my title and interpreted it like a 14 year old boy would.

PPS Sorry the pic is not great, shockingly there is not a whole lot out there on this fabulous new game show.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let's go Dodgers let's go.........

Kalia is becoming a huge Dodger fan. Usually in the mornings Kalia either sings, cries or says "Mommy, Mommy" until I come and get her. Recently she has been saying, "let's go Dodgers let's go, ch ch ch." She gets so excited to go to Dodger games and point out how many Dodger shirts she sees, including her own. (thanks Gay, I'll give it back one day, I promise). And yes those are Manny dreads she's wearing, I should have got a picture of Jono wearing them.

Her other favorite hobby, like most kids, is coloring. We all know she colors her toes but she decided why stop there. Apparently, while Jono was taking care of her, she colored herself all over. He gave her a bath, two seconds later she colored on herself again but worse. Frustrated he just put her in bed, when I got her up in the morning she said, "buggy color self mommy." She sure did. It was way worse than the picture and she stills has some on her.