Monday, January 21, 2008

Kalia's new room!

About 1 month ago our friend Brooke painted Kalia's room to match her bedding. Of course it wasn't enough to just paint the room she helped me decorate it. She did an amazing job and it looks adorable. Pictures can't quite capture how cute and well done it is but it is a shame not to try. I meant to do this a long time ago but I have the hardest time keeping her room clean. She is not even in there that much but somehow it is always a mess. Thanks again Brooke!! (Jono said maybe one more exclamation point)

Sunday, January 6, 2008


So I am being harassed for not updating my blog, I don't think I am upsetting too many people based on the number of comments I get, maybe the shy peepers are upset, but I think that's it. So Jono and I were at a friends house and McKay was babysitting Kalia. Some of you may or may not know that McKay is Jono's younger brother and is staying with us for a little while. It started out as staying with us to study for a test but it has turned into him going Hollywood. He is an extra in soon to be critically acclaimed movies. The film he is working on right now is called 17. The movie has Zach Effron, Matthew Perry and some others I can't remember. Go ahead and IDMB it. Anyway, we came home and this is what she was wearing, a dress and some 0-3 month sweatpants that are thankfully too short, yes she is growing, one shoe and a silly look on her face. I could not stop laughing at McKay's choice in clothing. I asked him why he dressed her, usually uncles don't play dress up with their nieces, and apparently she had a "blowout". It was so bad that it was all over her clothes so he had to dress her. That is the 3rd poopy diaper he has changed since his arrival and frankly I am glad he changed her at all, considering that the first time she pooped her pants he debated sending her to bed like that since he had never changed a poopy diaper in his life. Needless to say McKay could use a little training on little girl fashion.

And ps just in case you can't tell McKay is cute so if you know of and nice , cute and single girls let me know..... We are hoping if we find a nice girl for him then maybe he will stick around to further his career as a part time model (FOTC reference)